Golf d'Orléans Donnery

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Golf course Golf d'Orléans Donnery

Presentation of the golf course Golf d'Orléans Donnery

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  • Olivier Van Der Vinck

The route of the Orleans-Donnery golf course, Dean of the Loiret courses, between a forest walk and a more recent and open return, is varied, technical and fun in any season. Born in 1952, the will of the US military based in Orleans after the Second World War, the golf of Orleans-Donnery still bears some traces, like his clubhouse, created by the army and always present . The legend of Arnold Palmer ... Young American soldier, the still amateur champion stationed in France would have given his opinion on the plans of the future course intended for the American soldiers. Given the length of the pars 5 of the way, we could believe it. More seriously, the layout of the nine initial holes is the work of a colonel of NATO forces stationed in Orleans. He had convinced the owner of the castle, herself a golfer, the interest of building a course on his land. Another story is that the fairway of Hole # 1, former Hole # 6, an endless hole, could have been used as an emergency airstrip in case of trouble at the nearby US Air Base. Inaugurated twenty years ago, the return was built by Olivier Van der Vinck, also author of Cheverny golf.


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