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LeClub Golf gift cardsOffer. Activate. Use.
Offer a gift card

LeClub Golf gift cards

Offer a gift card to be used at over 100 golf courses, hotels and restaurants in France

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Offer. Activate. Use.


Offer a gift card

With or without an account, offer a gift card: choose the amount, personalise your message. If you have a loyalty card, earn fees when you buy


The recipient receives the gift card by email

The recipient receives the gift card by e-mail on the date you wish to give it or ask to receive the gift card to offer him


The beneficiary activates his card on the LeClub Golf website

The recipient must activate their gift card on the LeClub Golf website by logging in or creating an account. You will be able to track the balance, history and validity of your card.


Use the Gift Card at a wide range of golf courses and partners in France

The beneficiary can go to a golf course with his card and use it on the various activities offered: golf courses, hotels & spa, restaurants and golf lessons.

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A simple gift card with multiple benefits

Your gift card is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase

Offer 1 or more gift cards from €50 to €250

To be used in one or several times in more than 100 golf courses and partners

Personalised gift cards

Activate your gift card online and track your spending history

Digital gift card, no delivery time

You offer a gift card: convert the value of the card into FEES

Possibility to send a physical gift to the beneficiary

Personalised gift cards to please

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