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February 24, 2022

  • Aa Saint-Omer Golf Club

  • Château Golf et Spa d’Augerville

  • Crécy Golf Club

The REFERENCE and EMOTION 2022 labels

LeClub Golf Label Reference / Emotion

LeClub Golf is launching two labels in 2022 to reward golf courses that offer the best golfing experiences to LeClub Golf members. The REFERENCE Label rewards golf courses recognised for their quality of service and judged on 100 criteria as well as the visit of mystery customers. LeClub EMOTION rewards golf courses that have been acclaimed by LeClub Golf members with a score of 9/10 and at least 30 reviews.

35 golf courses have received the EMOTION Label and 38 golf courses the REFERENCE Label

The Labels in detail :

Reference: Label based on specifications and mystery shopper visits to evaluate the golf courses’ services. The label is awarded to golf courses that have obtained a minimum average of 60/100 (specifications score + mystery visits score).
The specifications include 100 criteria relating to Remote information & booking, Access & parking, Reception (building), Reception (staff), Rental, Course, Signage – Course, Course service, Practice and training area, Changing rooms and toilets, Proshop, Restaurant / Bar

Emotion: Label based on customer experience (LeClub Golf members only). The label is awarded to golf courses with a minimum score of 9/10 and a minimum of 30 reviews. The 9/10 score corresponds to the NPS score and answers the question “How likely are you to recommend the golf course to a golfing friend?

Among the 73 golf courses awarded, 11 have obtained the double label

  • Aa Saint-Omer Golf Club
  • Château Golf et Spa d’Augerville
  • Golf de Faulquemont-Pontpierre
  • Golf des Vigiers
  • Golf d’Omaha Beach
  • Golf International de Pont Royal
  • Makila Golf Club Bayonne Bassussarry
  • Mérignies Golf
  • Saint-Malo Golf Resort
  • UGOLF Château de Cély
  • UGOLF Lacanau
Château Golf et Spa d’Augerville
Aa Saint-Omer Golf Club

Top 3 Reference golf courses

1 – Le Golf du Kempferhof

2 – Golf des Vigiers

3 – Saint-Malo Golf Resort

Golf du Kempferhof on the banks of the Rhine near Strasbourg

Top 3 Reference golf courses

1 – Golf d’Omaha Beach

2 – Golf de Bois Chenu

3 – Golf de Vire – la Dathée

Omaha Beach Golf Course in Normandy near Caen

Kempferhof and Omaha Beach, the lucky winners

Golf Planète met the two 2022 winners who were kind enough to confide in us both their pleasure at having been awarded this prestigious label as well as the reasons for their success.

Many golfers have had the pleasure of playing the magnificent Kempferhof course in Alsace and enjoying the exceptional facilities and services of this resort near Strasbourg.

Many have already returned and others will be all the more inclined to discover this rare place when they learn that LeClub Golf has just awarded it the highest rating in France, which ranks it as THE Club Reference.

Golf du Kempferhof: Being the most professional in welcoming customers

Golf Planète met with Arnaud Abbas, the golf manager, who explains the reasons for this national award and gives us some useful advice

The Kempferhof Golf Resort has just received the Reference Award, which recognises the welcome, communication and service provided on the course, driving range, restaurant, changing rooms and common areas of your golf course. What is your reaction? :

We have implemented many new things since the Bindschedler family bought the golf course in 2016.

It started with the renovation of the course and its watering system, then the berlinoises, the reopening of our bistronomic restaurant or the creation of a golf academy supervised by Laurent Cabanne and Thierry Abbas

Receiving this award is very encouraging for us: it shows that we are working in the right direction and that our new organisation is working perfectly.

Arnaud Abbas, Kempferhof Golf Course Director

What are the main objectives of your policy of excellence implemented by your owners and management?

Our main objective is to welcome our customers in the most professional way possible while keeping a friendly and accessible side. Our sport needs to develop, and this means reaching out to young people, highlighting the “fun” side of golf by creating, for example, events around our connected driving range or slightly offbeat after-work parties, or setting up school golf for the children of our town of Plobsheim. Of course, we also keep the traditional spirit of golf, with more classic competitions or the organisation of our Grand Prix.

We have taken up the challenge of successfully bringing together these two “modes” of golf and we are delighted with the result.

What are the main advantages of your golf course and its region to encourage visitors to come and see you?

Our advantages are:

First of all, a very high quality course maintained by Christophe Geoffroy, our GK, and all his team. Once a month, Alejandro Reyes, GK of the Ryder Cup in Paris and of the future one in Rome, intervenes as a consultant. In 2019, we have set up the “Trackman Range”, a fully connected driving range that allows players to follow their balls directly via the application, which is accessible to all and allows for a more qualitative and fun training! Our bistronomic restaurant where we offer Alsatian specialities, traditional food and seasonal suggestions, all homemade of course! We also have a special “all in one” formula for beginners. As the name suggests, this is an all-in-one package designed to get those who want to start playing golf started. The programme includes daily lessons, access to the school course, the green card and access to the main course for further training. That’s not all: we also offer a half set of clubs when you sign up! All this for 109€/month with a one year commitment! In 2023, we will start renovating our hotel and expanding the course to make it a must-see venue in France.

The Kempferhof golf course is located 20km from Strasbourg in Alsace, where you can find its magnificent cathedral, its wine route and its unique gastronomy!

What advice would you give to a golf director who would like to obtain this award?

To be attentive and close to his teams in order to create an emulation and bring them together around a common project, the well-being and satisfaction of the customer.

Golf de Omaha Beach : A sense of detail !

Yoann Tanneau is the director of the Omaha Beach golf course, located on the Normandy coastline deeply marked by the D-Day landings.

Overlooking the end of the famous beach, eight kilometres long, where the American soldiers of the Red Big One distinguished themselves at the price of heavy losses at dawn on 6 June 1944, this course, created in 1986 in a 9-hole version and progressively enlarged, now has two 18-hole courses: the Sea and the Manor. Two magnificent courses designed by Yves Bureau: each golfer will remember the signature hole of the layout, the 6, a difficult par 4 in dogleg where you will be rewarded by a beautiful view on the small town of Port-en-Bessin.

Yoann confided to us his great satisfaction at obtaining this Emotion label… which he did not expect at all!

Yohann Tanneau, director of the Omaha Beach golf course

Omaha Beach is at the top of the Emotion ranking organised by LeClub Golf. What was your first reaction to this announcement, knowing that this ranking is based on customer experience?

Being at the top of the Emotion ranking was a nice surprise for me, especially since, to tell you the truth, I didn’t even know this label existed!

In the end, this award is a great source of pride for all the teams: reception and field staff, because in the end, they are the ones who make the music: I’m just the conductor.

What are the qualities of your golf course’s facilities and services that give your customers, members and visiting golfers such satisfaction?

The main strengths of our golf course are, first of all, its mythical name, significant of the past of our coasts, which speaks to all the lovers of history. Secondly, the consistent quality of our courses is of paramount importance to us. Both courses are large and make the golfing experience even more enjoyable, allowing you to not be on top of each other all the time. In addition, we strive to modify and improve our courses each year to make them even more enjoyable to play. For example, in 2019 and 2020, our old training facilities have been completely renovated to make room for more playable and spacious areas. All playing conditions are offered in our practice areas, which are very popular with our members and visiting golfers.

Our pro-shop is also a flagship area of our golf course: renovated in 2019, it highlights our entire identity. Finally, the quality of our welcome is directly linked to the values that are dear to the Dupont family, our owners. These values are based first and foremost on our family golf principles, which we maintain and develop every day.

You are the director of the golf course but also a greenkeeper. How important is environmental protection to you and to golfers today?

It’s true that this double position allows me to have a coherent line of conduct between the field and the commercial side. Environmental protection is a major concern for me and my teams. Indeed, for the past nine years, we have been actively working on improving our plant cover and reducing inputs. Since 2021, we have been changing our watering systems so that we use only drained water and no longer borehole water. In 2021, we started a renovation of our watering system to reduce water consumption, changing the system block to a built-in solenoid valve.

Do you have any new ambitions planned for your golf course?

For the future of our golf course, we still have to improve our courses, the shape of our bunkers, the planimetry of our tee boxes…. We would also like to develop our facilities, in particular by creating indoor training areas with putting, simulators, etc., as well as creating a sports hall.

As far as sports are concerned, we are in discussion with the LET Access to host European tournaments.

To a young golf director who is just starting out, what recommendations would you make to him to obtain the Club Golf Emotion Trophy?

First of all I think the most important thing in my job is to have a certain sense of detail.