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May 3, 2021

  • Golf International de Longwy

  • UGOLF Toulouse Lou Verdaï

  • UGOLF Toulouse Téoula

The “Best Golfer’s Choice 2021”, which is the most popular golf course in the network


The idea is a good one and has seduced Internet users: 25,000 of them posted “likes” to designate the best golf course in France among the 164 French golf courses in the LeClub Golf network.

The principle is simple: a qualification phase (1 post of 10 golf photos published every day for 17 days) followed by a final phase in match play (the first 16 golfers of the qualifications meet by elimination: 1/8th final until the final).

The successor of Longwy

Last year, it was the golf course of Longwy that won the title against Ugolf Sénart. This year, in a pure diagonal, the votes went to the south-western golf courses which had become aware of the operation and had alerted their friends and supporters. In particular, the Toulouse golf courses led by the regional director Eric Zonta (UGOLF) who had great ambitions: to have all his courses in the final phase. This goal was reached at 100%. With the exception of Tarbes Tumulus and Biscarosse, no less than 10 “UGOLF” from the south-west of France were up against golf courses such as Longwy (title holder), AA Saint-Omer, Wimereux or Nampont Saint-Martin.

The match play mode chosen for this final phase resulted in some very competitive matches including the ½ final between Ugolf Mionnay and Tarbes Tumulus which won by only 6 votes after 24 hours of competition (in the last hour, the Tumulus girls went out on the course to ask each golfer to click on the photo of their golf course!)

This edition was also marked by the presence of influencers such as Benoit (member of the Téoula golf course and winner of Koh Lanta 2016) who motivated his followers to defend his favourite golf course.

Téoula, Tumulus, Lou Verdaï: the winners’ reactions

Golf du Téoula: “The successful result of teamwork and communication strategy

Thierry Lorault, 51, the director of the Toulouse Téoula golf course, which has just won the 2021 edition of the competition, is the happiest of men: “Firstly because it is a team effort and secondly because we have put in place a communication strategy that has worked well. All the more satisfied because the competition was tough. We were especially afraid of Villenave d’Ornon who had been at the top of the qualifications and who we knew were very good at communicating. We relied first of all on active influencers like Benoit and his wife who had taken part in Koh Lanta, who were well known and who are members of our club. Then, every student on the golf course, every golfer at the tee, every person at the reception desk agreed to support our application on FaceBook.

And finally, we launched a mailing and newsletter campaign to all our contacts and our contacts’ contacts! Result: 1650 votes in our favour for the final.
This victory proves first of all that Teoula Golf has many friends and fans, whether they belong to our 1,300 members or simply because they came to us one day. It is an honour and a satisfaction to have won. “. And Thierry, the former American football player who has turned to his passion for golf, expects the benefits in terms of image and reputation to be added to the environmental labels already obtained by his golf course in the suburbs of Toulouse.

The happy heart of the finalist: the Tumulus golf course in Tarbes

The Golf des Tumulus in Tarbes lost in the final but deserved a special mention after being the best on social networks.

It must be said that Marine, Chloé, Marie and Sophie, the smiling people in charge of the reception at the Tumulus, were super active and full of imagination to boost their golf in this national competition. The result was just right: 2nd in the pre-selection and qualified for the final won by the Téoula. Sophie told us how happy she was: “Of course, we would have preferred to win, but this result highlights the qualities of our sports club, which is above all friendly, family-oriented and affordable. Humour and joy are at the heart of our activity”.

The Tumulus golf course was created in Tarbes in 1988 by Charles de Ginestet and is now run by his son Yves. It welcomes 700 members and many visiting golfers; it offers green fees from 24 euros! The course designed by its creator is flat and technical, not too long (5,400 m) and offers beautiful views of the Pic du Midi and the Pyrenees.

Toulouse Lou Verdaï Golf Club (9 holes): a special mention that pays tribute to “the spirit of the club and our high attendance”.

We are still in the south-west and in Toulouse to salute the performance of the Lou Verdaï golf course, located 20 minutes from the Place du Capitole, in Roques-sur-Garonne. Its director, Fabrice Fabiani, a pro from Lorraine who has played at the neighbouring La Ramée golf course, tells us about it: “the strength of our 9 rounds is its attractiveness: we have between 160 and 180 players per day. And yet, we still don’t have all the equipment we need. The driving range, for example, will be delivered soon. But here, team spirit prevails and nature is beautiful: trees and deer delight our members and guests… People feel good at Lou Verdaï (the green in Occitan).

I’m very happy with this achievement: we lost in the quarter-finals against Lacanau but next year we’ll come back even stronger to win! We’ll put our loyal ambassadors even more in the spotlight.

Cyril Domingo (Longwy golf course, winner last year):
“Longwy is now known all over France”.

For us, this is an important victory in the development of the Golf de Longwy.
First of all, with this victory we have shown the whole of France that we have a quality golf course in Longwy and that our course is very much appreciated by players. The LeClub competition is an event that appeals to our community of followers on social networks and also allows us to communicate in a different way.
This victory has put us in the limelight and has enabled us to significantly increase the number of visitors and subscribers…

© Jean Lagarde