Le Club Golf

May 3, 2021

And the Jury’s Honorary Prize is awarded to :

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After weeks of fierce competition between all the golf courses in the network, it is finally the UGOLF Toulouse Téoula that has established itself as the most popular golf course in the LeClub Golf network. After a performance that can be described as “really clean”, the Toulouse golf course returns home with the cup under its arm and the opponent’s lawn under its foot. Once again, we congratulate the Téoula team and their community for this victory. It is now time to elect the most impressive golf of the competition, by its implication, its animation of social networks, its motivation. As you can see, it’s time for the Jury’s Honorary Award.

The prize goes to the Tarbes Tumulus golf course!

It is without hesitation and with great pleasure that LeClub Golf awards this prestigious prize to the Golf de Tarbes Tumulus, to reward all their efforts during the competition. An intensive campaign, high quality visuals, original videos, a table that was far from obvious, the golf team already deserves its very good second place against the Occitan giant, and amply deserves this prize.

Sophie, Marie, Chloé and Marine, the Tarbes Tumulus golf team

A road full of pitfalls

One thing is sure, the Golf de Tarbes did not lose out throughout the competition. After a victory in the 1/8th final against UGOLF Château de Cély, a second battle narrowly won in 1/4 against UGOLF Mionnay with almost 1000 likes, and a crushing 1/2 final against UGOLF Lacanau, it was finally caught short by the immense Téoula, supported by the whole Toulouse community without limits. As an independent golf club, it was an even more honourable performance that Tarbes offered us over the whole competition, against the bulldozers of UGOLF who were very involved. He managed to knock out more than one of them, and fought until the last minute.

An outstanding women’s team

We can safely say that this award goes to the Tarbes Tumulus golf host team. During all the final stages, they have redoubled their efforts to get all the likes of the golf course, the town and the region. Between staged photos, electric videos or even Facebook lives, we can safely say that this team has invested 100% in this competition absolutely wonderful to follow (we are sorry for the absentees, but we had to be there… see you next year!)

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