Le Club Golf

March 19, 2021

Best Golfer’s Choice 2021: Which will be the most popular golf course on the network?


From 15 March and for the 2nd consecutive year, we are launching the Best Golfer’s Choice operation which was a success in 2020 with more than 8300 votes during the final between the Golf International de Longwy (2020 winner) and the UGOLF Sénart.

⛳️ The principle is simple:

A qualification phase and a final phase in the form of Match Play where the 16 best golfers will compete.

Like the golf course(s) you like the most. (If you have played them it’s even better :))
The golf courses with the most “likes” at the end of the qualifications will go to the final stages in Match Play (Facebook poll format)

Règles :

✔️ 1 like = I like and/or I played the course
✔️ 10 golf courses presented per day
✔️ Qualified golf courses = most likes
✔️ Duration of the game : From 15 March to 15 April

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